Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do I need heartgard for dogs during winter

I have had some people ask me, do I need heartgard for dogs during winter too? The answer is yes. It is always possible for mosquitoes to survive inside your home in the winter. So yes you definitely need to keep your dogs medicated all year round. In winter, chances of your dog contracting heartworm is reduced drastically but the chance is still possible. If you care about your dog you need to keep them on heartworm medication.

Other people my tell you that it is not necessary but the safest bet would be to make sure they are always protected against heartworm. So do I need heartgard for dogs during winter?, the safe bet is yes no matter who tells you otherwise.


  1. Wow you must work for Heart Guard because as a Vet, I can tell you that once the temp drops below 57 degrees for more than 1 week you can stop administering the drug. All areas vary greatly but there is no need to administer a drug "just in case". Ask your vet, but keep your pet safe and healthy by listening to your local vet.

  2. thank vet the temp is 40 degrees i will not buy no more heart will buy food.....